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The Activity Club and the Ice Dungeon Challenge

Isabel, Ed, Isaac, and Max meet up again at the door, having obtained all four keys. They push the keys into the locks, and hear four clicks as they open. The large iron door opens on its own, and the four step deeper inside the Ice Dungeon.

They find themselves in an arena split into four walled-off sections. On the other end of the arena, sitting in a throne, is the Spirit of Christmas, though it's hard to tell exactly what they looks like. Their form shifts between a smaller fairy-like creature full of light, a jaunty man with bushy red hair in a green robe, a grim reaper in a dark robe with chains hanging off of it, and a frail elderly man.

"Hello!" says the spirit. Their voice is comprised of the voices of the four forms they takes, and it echoes around the room. "Glad to see you solved those riddles. Some spectrals don't even make it past that stage."

They stand and gesture to the arena.

"You've made it to my inner chambers. Alas, this is where you will fail, my dear spectrals," they say. "Here, each of you will fight me. The first person to tap out of their fight loses. All of you must beat me to receive any gifts. Good luck!"

As soon as they finish speaking, their four forms separate, and each goes into a section of the arena. The spectrals feel themselves float up, and each is thrown into one of the sections.

Ed finds himself in a snow-covered landscape facing the glowing fairy, the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Isabel finds herself in a candy-cane forest facing the jaunty man, the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Max finds himself in a field of huge, hanging tower bells facing the grim reaper, the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Isaac finds himself in front of a giant gingerbread house facing the elderly man, Ebenezer Scrooge.

Who would you like to play as?

[Note: You will play as one character for the rest of the game. The characters you do not choose will win, so don't worry about that! If you'd like the play again with a different character, there is an option at the beginning of the game to immediately come back to this portion of the story and choose again.]

You have 4 choices: