Los Chimpos Ride Again

"I bring news," Ninjaraffe says, pulling the hood of of his face. "Sorry for the mystery, sir, but I had to be sure it was you. The smell gave it away."

"What news do you have?" you ask, ignoring that comment. "What's going on?"

"You decoded the note," Ninjaraffe goes on, ushering you out of the way of the general public (who are ignoring you). "Thus proving you are the man for the job."
He steps closer to you.
"Harry Nutfinch," he says in hushed tones. "Spooky is missing."

"Ok..." you look at Ollie, who is ignoring the pair of you. "I don't know what that is."

"Spooky!" Ninjaraffe roars, his long tongue flicking spittle in your eyes. "The legendary ghost? Has had a million adventures, comic books written about him? He was in the Sharkman movie?"

"The what now?"

"Oh good lord," Ninjaraffe smacks his forehead with a hoof. "Your booze-addled memory is a disaster sometimes! Luckily you're a top-notch detective!"

"Um, yes..." you look shiftly side to side. "I am a top-notch detective. This belt actually needed extra notches put in so it would fit around my waist and..."

"We have no time, Harry!" Ninjaraffe looks furtively around. "We can't talk here. Quick; get on JPS and he knows where to go..."

"JPS?" you ask, wondering what a terrible boy band has to do with anything.

"Are you thinking about JLS, by any chance?" Ollie asks from the floor behind you. You shift uneasily. "He means the sheep, you dick."


"Yes," Ninjaraffe sighs. "Get back on Jetpack Sheep and he'll take you to someone who can give you more information."

"Wait," you say, your head clearing. "Your job was to tell me this Spooky is missing, and then to send me somewhere else? Why not just send me there to begin with?"

"They're all morons, mate," Ollie says, trying to look up the skirt of a passer-by. "You need a shave, love!"

"Go with Jetpack Sheep," Ninjaraffe continues. "Take the octopus with you. You may need him."

"Great," Ollie mutters, trying to make rude hand gestures with his tentacles.

"Go, man, go!" Ninjaraffe cries, and fades back into the shadows.

"We can still see you, you know," Ollie says, chuckling.

"Shut up," Ninjaraffe whispers.