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:The Succubus Fantasies:

You look at the mirror. It's surface is rippling, a shimmering liquid emitting its own faint glow. A portal.

You don't really know why you came here. Stately homes aren't your thing. You came away on this holiday to try and find...something, some meaning, some point to existence, away from your boring life. Your boring job. Your boring flat. Your boring single meals for one. Is this what life is all about? There must be something more.

And now here you are, staring at a full length antique mirror in a creepy old stately home in the corner of the country that no one else seems to visit.

Adventure beckons. There's no question about it really, whatever happens. If you don't try this here and now, you'll spend your life regretting it. It's not like there'll be anyone to miss you. No family. Few friends. You don't think your work will take long to replace you.

You take a breath and step through the portal.

You have 1 choice: