Strangely Forgotten

You slowly pick up a rock, keeping your movements silent. You wind up, and throw the rock as hard as you can. It lands far away with a thud. The creature spins in that direction, and you make a run for it, dragging a terrified Kai behind you. You both run fast and hard, over the hill. You can hear the creature running coming after you now. "Don't look back!" You yell at Kai. She doesn't respond. You keep running, finally seeing the tiny cottage Kai was talking about. You wrench the door open, shove her in, and follow quickly, slamming the door shut behind you. You both collapse on the ground, breathing hard. The creature slams into the door. Again. and again. To no avail. The creature leaves. You and Kai are safe. Though you are both terrified, you are also burnt out and fall asleep on the hard floor quickly.

You have 1 choice: