Phoenix Whip

You perceive excitement in the cynical mysterious voice: "A cheater! Well, in this house for thieves and pirates we have a special reset mode." He starts cackling like a comic villain.

Your body is pulled out of the line without further attention and suddenly the scene changes completely, as the nearby people throw themselves over your fresh corpse smashing the coffin, growling fiercely.

They look like a pack of wolves nibbling and engulfing every fibre of your flesh. Your head rolls on the pavement like in a macabre soccer game until someone crushes it like a rotten pumpkin.

You only expect your agony to end, but with horror, you observe how little by little, a new body begins to form in the broken coffin. You recognize the absolute truth, in your soul. It will never end, you will be devoured but never totally engulfed in an eternal bloody feast.
End Of Story