The Secret Triwizard Challenge

"The third Triwizard Challenge will be held in the Quidditch Pitch. No one may enter the pitch before the Challenge takes place. If you do, there will be dire consequences."
Dumbledore had said that at the evening feast a few hours previously. Now, whether or not his words were INTENDED to sound like a dare to rebellious students was unimportant, because they did. So, here you are, standing before the giant maze on the Quidditch Pitch, with a few friends (or should you say, rivals).
The goal is simple: Be the first person to find the center of the maze. A few people on brooms are watching your race, ready to swoop into the maze should something happen to anyone. If they have to interfere to save you, you are out of the race.But the teachers would NEVER put anything too dangerous in the maze, so you're probably fine.
You stand at the entrance to the maze with four others, ready to run. On the count of three, you shove your feet off the ground and sprint in. Immediately, you are faced with three directions: left, forward, and right. Which way do you go?