Entry Number 050603A

"I'm sorry, Navaien." I murmur, looking down at my hands as I pull away from him. His eyes glint with what I can only describe as disappointment, and I feel tears build up in my eyes, but I smile.

"It's the only way I can assure myself that they'll be okay." I whisper, before I see a few tears go down his tan skin. It made it even harder on me. "It was just for the mission, wasn't that the deal?"

He laughs through his tears, nodding. "I hope you'll change your mind."

He pulls me into a hug and I nod, too keen on keeping him, but knowing that I need to let go. "I promise I'll see you again."

"You know what Aay'han means?" He mumbles, wiping away my teary eyes. I shake my head, before turning to Rose. "I'm sorry, Frost. It was..I.. I'm sorry."

Rose shook her head, and I wasn't even sure she could hear me.

"Bittersweet moment, of joy and mourning." He pulls away from me, pushing his hands inside his pockets and walking back towards the ladder the people from the ship pushed down for him. "It's in Mando'a."

I nod, and smile at him. We'll meet again.