Entry Number 050603A

I turn to Rose, pulling myself closer to Navaien. He stares at me and I hold his hand gently, my breath stammering in my own throat. Rellia was still as unconscious as everyone else, which caused me to stare at the dark bodies like tree trunks in the snow.

"Come with us, Rose." I whisper, loud enough for her to hear me but as if I was fearful of my own voice. "Please."

"You did this to Rogan," She spat out, tears starting to almost freeze on her white face. I shake my head. Lying is the best option.

"I didn't. My father did." I looked back at the ship, still hovering over us. Navaien tightened my hand and I nodded.

Rose stared up at her father in the ship, and she pulled Rogan off the snow, shakingly.

"I'm sorry."