Chalk Girl

Your feet tripping over each other across the floor as your hands grasp your stomach a sudden burst of laughter erupts from your mouth. Your two best friends beside you, life was at peace, finally as your drama was behind you. Claudia and Elerrie both stopped out of the blue.Yet suddenly you felt a push and realize your friend was just slapping your back. Your judgment clouds as you look down to see a beautiful piece of chalk art, and realize Claudia was trying to make you mess it up. Of course it had to be Claudia, she's always been jealous of you. How could you ever accuse Ellerie of anything as she was just too nice! She was always the first once to Apologize after Claudia’s mistakes. Every time they bully you or be mean to you Elerrie always tells you what Claudia says. Man, you think to your self Claudia is Such a which. You then turn around to face Claudia.
"WHY ARE YOU SO ANNOYING!” you announce aggravated at Claudia
"What the heck do you mean, stop screaming" Claudia proclaims in a confused tone "YOU SHOVED ME INTO THE CHALK ART SO I CAN MESS IT UP!!!!” You exclaim at the top of your lungs
"NO I DIDN'T DOLLY, YOUR SUCH A LIAR!" Claudia pleads in a defensive manner
Ellerie interrupts " Please STOP FIGHTING BOTH OF YOU"