A prank to the princess

Necklace.” The storepony smiled. “Well, you’re in luck. We have a very special kind of necklace, and there’s only two left. It’s a rare collecter’s edition Star Swirl the Bearded piece. Legend has it that the charms are enchanted.” Twilight looked over to the necklace. The tiny details and ornate gem patterns had always fascinated her. She remembered sleeping, night after night, feelings of want for the necklace keeping her awake all night. So, she realized, it would make a perfect gift for the sisters. Paying for both of the necklaces, she left the shop happy and filled with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

At the party, Luna and her sister unwrapped the paper covering the gifts. They were delighted. Twilight left the castle afterward, she felt even happier than before.

But all was not well.