A European Mystery: Ou Est La Jaconde?

You turn on the TV , which is automatically set on channel 7, which is the news. You take your coat off, hang it up in the closet, and start unpacking. While you're putting your socks in the drawer, you see a caption on the TV, that reads "Ou est la jaconde?", and a picture of the Mona Lisa above it. You don't understand what the caption reads, given that it is written in French, so you type the words into Google Translate. You then read the translation, and you are stunned. It asks "Where is the Mona Lisa?". The TV transitions into a yellow advertisement. As the advertisement becomes clear, you see that it is a police wanted ad. You put the pieces together, and understand that the police are looking for fellow police officers in the city to help solve the case of the missing Mona Lisa.