A European Mystery: Ou Est La Jaconde?

You are exploring the hotel facilities. You go to the pool since you love swimming and see police cars turning into the parking lot of your hotel. Alarmed by this, you return to your hotel room and unpack. All of a sudden, you hear a forceful knock on your door. You walk over to the door and look into the peephole, but it was covered by someone's hand, which was very peculiar. Reluctantly, you open the door and see two police officers. The one on the left had very pale skin, and he was tall and muscular. The one on the right had brown skin, but was short and bulky.
"We are going around to each hotel room and asking everyone whether they know anything about the criminals who stole the Mona Lisa. We have reason to believe that the criminals have come to this hotel," the muscular police officer informed.
"Oh wow," you reply.
"Yes, it is very shocking. Do you mind if we ask you some questions?" asked the bulky police officer.
"Yes, of course," you agree.
"Ok great. To start off, where are you from?" the muscular police officer inquired. What do you say?