One Way Out

You try to concentrate on the drone of your teacher's voice. You're a good student, this has never happened before. You've never been this restless. It feels foreboding, it feels like something bad is going to happen. Your heartbeat quickens. What was going on with you? Maybe you were sick? You touched your forehead. It felt perfectly fine.
The lights flicker. You practically jumped out of your seat from the adrenaline pulsing through your veins. The teacher stopped talking for a moment. Commented on the electricity system and the weather and the correlation between them.
Speaking of the weather, you felt the air turn cold. It does feel like you're running a fever. You placed your palm to your forehead again. Not burning. Maybe the heating broke down, you look around at your classmates. Ethan was shivering. So were some others. You heard a breeze and you look at its source.
The doors.... The doors were gone. The windows became the wall.
The class was quiet. I looked at the teacher for guidance, she was crumbling. Crumbling into dust. Smoke clouded my vision. I looked at the source, a fire? None, just students dissipating. What was going on? There were some people still here; the kids in the honors classes. The smoke cleared and you saw Ethan on the ground, shaking.