Captured (WIP)

You turn on the walkie talkie and let out a shaky, "Hello" A female voice answers, "Listen I'm not supposed to be talking to you but I need to get out of here just as much as you, They're gonna come for you soon. I know it seems counter productive but just go along with them and hold out until we have an opening, it might be a couple hours or a couple months and yes that's the best timeframe I can get. For now just don't say anything that might get you in trouble," she cuts off suddenly and the line goes dead. A little bit later it comes back to life but this time a deep man's voice comes on, "You have 2 minutes, get ready to spill your guts or get ready for us to do," he has a Latin American accent. The line dies again. As you think about what he could have meant, you realize you can't remember anything. As you try again and again the door opens suddenly. Two guys with rifles take you by your arms and pull you out of the room, taking you right down a long hallway. The hallway you travel down is dilapidated and empty, the air is stuffy and smells of old, rotting wood and stone dust.