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“Tv man time to turn that screen of” tv boy hums “just a couple more hours mate” tv man replies “well I’ll call the super market geeks” tv boy replies nobody wants the super market geeks because something spooky always happened with them. Like last weak you say one with aged wings and a knife that’s why your so afraid of them. Tv man froze in shock when he heard the word super market geek. “Yo guys what are you up to” mr shut up asked “just tv” called tv man “yeah well I want him get away from the tv” tv boy said “aw yeah that can make yo have square eyes” he said “seriously my wife Jennifer got square eyes while watching the tv show greys anatomy” at hearing that tv man amediatly turned the tv of. “Are you telling me the truth mr?” He asked “yes look” mr shut up showed them a photo of Jennifer with square eyes “you see it happened as it happened” he said loudly “o—k but Jennifer was probably on for about 12 hours” tv man said cunningly “ohhhh gosh no she was only on for about 5 mins” shut up said “whelp gotta go See ya TVs” he said with an Italian scent pore tv man and tv boy they were frightened out of there minds “why do we always here creepy story’s” tv boy sobbed just then the door fell of its hinges and a super market geek walked in and next to him was you! “H-hello” tv boy stutters what do you say