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The battle of two sites

A loud thunderous KA-BOOM!And in through the door and charging in the room is none other NCPolice55571. He whips out a pair of handcuffs and tosses the web master Chocobot and to the ground.

"Your under arrest! Violation of stealing members"

NcPolice takes him down to the CYOA Police station and throws him in the interogation room. chocobot looks up at him, "Oh you get to play good cop bad cop."

"I'm not a good cop I'm not a bad cop I'm a different kinda cop!" NCPolice responds.

After hours of interogation NCPolice takes out evidence and begins to anaylize this thieving web masters web site. He finds it to be interesting and further analizes the web site, "well i may have to let you go", he says to Chocobot, "I'll get a search warrant and sign on to your site and see what further crimes are commited if there is any. You are free to go."