A Great Week

Once your arrive to work you check in and get to your desk where you see all your co-workers,

1st is Lilah, who is in the break-room making coffee, she is a ginger with auburn hair and hazel eyes (greener or redder depending on lighting) with an hourglass-shape body, her breasts are on the smaller side and her ass is much larger, both are a bit small but fit her body well and are very well-shaped. She has a boyfriend, one that you got into a drunken fist fight with during last years office Christmas party over who ate the last tamale, you won btw.

2nd is Jayleen, she works behind you, she's black with dark green eyes and black hair and full luscious lips and the best ass of all your co-workers, and because she sits behind you, you can always get the show of a lifetime when she gets up to do something She is definitely a hard worker which is why you don't ever see her with too many men, too driven to succeed. She is hard to approach at first but is really nice, especially on the eyes.

3rd Valeria, your supervisor who is in a meeting right now. She is older than your other co-workers however she does not appear to be she looks to be in her mid-to-late 30's but is really 46. She has dark blonde hair and light brown eyes. She wears blouses that reveal all that she is carrying and there is plenty to see, and she also wears pencil skirts that only do good for her shapely ass. She has been divorced for about 4 years.