Blissful Oblivion

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My boyfriend broke up with me, my house burned down, and all of my family and friends were murdered. To top it off, the boyfriend filed false rape charges against me, and get this; I had to go to jail! For a crime I didn't even do!!!

I was laying on the small bed, staring at the solid white walls surrounding me, listening to the muted clangs of doors opening and closing. I felt the pain and sadness well up, and a tear slipped out of my eye.
I didn't even want to revisit the memories of the past, of all of the good times and the horror that was the end.
But I couldn't help it. My mind went there.

"I wish I were dead," I whispered. "I just want to fall asleep forever."
I sobbed for hours, until exhaustion finally turned into the sweet, sweet oblivion of sleep.
I awoke to screaming. I could hear it for what felt like hours, and that was all I heard until a deep, baritone voice rose above it. "Hey!" it said. I blinked my eyes open to a hazy image of some person. A guy, probably. "Why are you screaming?" I shook my head, sat up, and gave my surroundings a good look.
"I wasn't screaming. But how did I get here? Did you kidnap me? SHOULD I be screaming?" It looked like a sort of purple, periwinkle colored canyon. The ground was littered with stalagmites, and a light fog hovered over the ground. A full moon shone bright and full overhead. It was a pretty weird place for a kidnapper to take their victim, but hey, who knew nowadays. He probably took me out here to kill me quietly.

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