The trial night best left forgotten

the adventure starring....You!

your name is ________,
It was Halloween in hollowith, All of the children were laughing, dressing up in cute and un-scary costumes, the night had a cold breeze to it, but nothing cold enough to stop everyone enjoying the festivities.
your friends are all with you; Karen, Wes, Zack, Emily and tom.
you all feel you are a little old for trick or treating, so have no idea what to do; you're all dressed up in your Halloween costumes, but, no party to go to, as Hollowith was mostly full of old people or kindergartners,
they were all trying to think of something to do.
"hey, why don't we go to the abandoned house up on main street?" Emily said looking at you. everyone around seems to be liking that idea.
You were usually seen as the group leader, so the decision falls to you on what happens next.