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Blind date

Your name is John Sandin, your 27 years old, your a carpenter by trade and a gym junkie by love. You have a pretty good body, and your good with the ladies, but.. Your not good with 'respectable ladies' you know the ones you take home to mum...

Anyways all you want is someone to love, that's sexy, sweet, smart, caring, loving and beautiful, not beautiful, slutty, bitchy and mean.
You're over those types.

So you decided to try your luck at a online dating site called 'blind date' where you don't get to see people's pictures, just talk, and meet up if you want.. Where you met a girl called Catrina Welling she seems perfect... , she's 25 and works as a dietician/ nurse at a local hospital. You guys have been talking for two months... And have finally decided to meet up this afternoon, your to meet her at Livingston train station at five thirty,

It's already four fourth, so you chuck on some clothes and get yourself pretty.
By the time your ready it's five fifteen, it only takes three minutes to get there by car so you have time... But do you want to be early?