This has to be a dream, you repeat desperately to yourself. A nightmare.
Tension builds up inside your chest and as the person's head turns towards you you panic and start running into the trees. Vines slap against your head and arms, thorny branches seem to catch at your pajama pants and sharp rocks tear at your feet ruthlessly. Your own hard breathing and the pounding of your heart in your ears makes it impossible to tell if you're being pursued as the undergrowth grows thicker and thicker and harder to get through. Weird sounds are all around you, intensifying your terror-- growlings and screamings and howlings and chirpings; all unfamiliar and terrifying in your present state of panic.
Suddenly you run slap-up against a sheer rock wall. A rough cliff towers in front of you; figures of men or something like men are standing at the top, apparently unaware of your presence.