Ortum Aquilae

This first work is a small work about our protagonist's life in his school, and more series might follow.

As you can probably tell, my English is not perfect but i did my best to provide an appropriate level of English. This work is for my personal joy only.

The story is written in first, second AND third person.

Welcome to the year 2050. It has been 10 years since the end of the third world war.

Now, the mankind is weak, and shattered by the endless plagues, and new diseases have arisen, because of the environmental and biological changes that this war caused. Now, mankind is not divided into countries, but into small cities-states that struggles to survive and feed its populace, while fighting the thoudand of bandits, raiders, and dangerous mutated animals.

The main protagonist is born in Italy, at 2 February of 2050. At Rome, specifically. By that time, Rome is one of the most cultured and wealthiest cities in Europe, probably of the whole world, with more than 670.000 citizens living inside its walls.

Our character is part of a wealthy family, and his father destine him to be enlisted to the military, in order to earn a respectable amount of money.

What is he gonna do? How will he choose to live his life? Will he evolve into the politics of Rome, or will follow a clear military path? Will he survive this cruel and hard work? All are dependent upon your actions


A man walks nervously through the corridor of the Saint Dimianos Hospital, trying to spot the room 202.

"You will find the room at the end of the corridor, on the left" a nurse says to that man, when he panickly increase his walking into a loose running towards that room.

He reach and enters the room where he sees a nurse holding a red towel wrapped with something. The man immediately hold the hand of the woman in the bed, smiling when realizing that everything has gone well.

"Our baby" the woman says with a weak and trembling smile "our baby is a boy". "A healthy boy".

A serenity strikes his heart, as the man turn his head to the wrapped towel, only to see a very small, cute little baby.

"This...is my son" he says, thrilled and excited by what he see.

You have 1 choice: