You are Leo Havaskar, famous explorer and adventurer extraordinaire. For years you have traversed the world in search of hidden treasure, lost cities and unparalleled danger. The thrill of adventure and the fear of the unknown beckon to you like an ever present siren. You are ecstatic to begin your most treacherous journey yet; into the unknown jungles of the isle Despa, 300 miles off the coast of Peru.

An island shrouded in mystery and death, Despa isle has been the site of countless shipwrecks over the years, superstitiously thought to be the work of fiendish phantoms, now known to be just a poor area for ships in general as massive, jagged mountains protrude just beneath the surface of the dark blue. You and your team arrived by helicopter to avoid such maritime perils.

A unique adventure for you indeed as on this trek you would not be able to bring your own trusted crew due to the circumstances of your hire and arrival on the island. A new team has been presented to you; you got to know a few of them on the helicopter ride over. First was the tech expert, Wren. Looks to be in her mid 30's, light brown hair in a ponytail; she comes off to you as clean and efficient, yet cold. She didn't seem to desire to talk to you much on the ride over, just vaguely explaining the matter of her job, which is too make sure all the electronic equipment that would be used will function correctly. You’re not one to jump to conclusions usually, but you detect a super bitch.

Wren seemed much friendlier to the flora and fauna expert of the team, Skye. A taller, younger woman with crimson locks and sage eyes, Skye was soft spoken, but cordial; talking at length to you and Wren about the various creatures that may be encountered on the island. Crocodiles, leopards, anacondas, venomous arachnids were apparently all present on this hidden jungle paradise. Nothing you haven’t dealt with before. At this point in your career, a Tyrannosaurus Rex is about the only thing that would give you pause.

You have 1 choice: