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Door Handle.

Loose Ends

There are 16 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
172623 Help the men outside 88353
172625 Try to get out and take a look at the scroll 88354
172630 I'm exhausted. I need to sleep. 88358
172632 That's him! That's the man I saw myself talking to in 1294. Who is he? 88359
172633 When I arrived here you spoke as if I had returned from an Elven Stronghold after breaking a seal. If this is my destiny, you must prepare me with your magic now, because I have none. 88359
172638 Get out of here and find the girl 88362
172639 Get out of here and find out more from the landlady 88362
172643 Run 88364
172646 No. What is it? 88366
172647 Yes! 88366
172657 Run 88371
172767 Ask about the machine 88437
172788 "How may I be of service?" 88447
172789 "What is this machine?" 88447
172796 Ask about the machine 88449
172799 Path unfinished 88452