13-Death (lets party)

Loose Ends

There are 45 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
60203 Get the pot and go get the bong then take it back to your room 29563
60204 Get the pipe and pot and go make some smoke (do you know how to work the carb) if you do get it 29563
60207 get the pot then make a pipe with a pepsi can then you don't have to worry bout a carb 29563
60208 Get the shrooms and eat 1/4th of a cap (remeber first time) 29564
60209 The doctor just prescribed Paxil so you won't freak out but you still take them (if you choose this you are just wanting to be on paxil you ain't panic attack ridden) 29564
60210 take 2 caps and go to school 29564
60212 Take the whole thing fuck overdoses(50/50 chance) 29564
60213 "Hell yeah man are you want Mrs. Dumbass's homework right" you say 29565
60214 "No i don't do that but i'll tutor you" you say (man if this was a loser contest you would be 1st, 2nd, 3rd) 29565
60215 "Let me try it out" you say 29565
60216 "Can't i got to go to the dentist today to get a tooth pulled and I would like to be sober" you say 29565
60217 "Alright I will sell it then I can get GTA San Andreas" you say 29565
60218 "Alright" you say and you smoke a J wit him and go to school(and you get high and it was your first time your lucky) 29566
60219 "Ok beer sounds good tonight plus i got mrs.dumbass" you say. so you smoke 4 bowls 2 j's and a full bong (you forgot how to blink your eye's how the hell are you going to find the bus it is 6 feet from your house) 29566
60220 "Damn". "Cant smoke wit ya got a big test" 29566
60221 "Got a big test" you say but if you get high you will get high test scores so you smoke a blunt 29566
60222 4 full bongs a joint and 2 bowils later you are passed out he forgot to tell you it was crypto chronic 29566
60223 take the tequila and take 2 shots and go to school 29567
60224 take the vodka and put 3 shotss in a glass of oj you drink it and go to school 29567
60225 You get the whiskey and a pepsi for a chaser and 4 shots later you leave for school 29567
60226 you decide to skip school a slowly drink Tequila 29567
60229 Go to your locker and take an empty bookbag to the office then tell you mom you have no homework 29569
60230 Just go to the office with nothing 29569
60234 just do it when you get home then relax and smoke its the weekend 29571
60235 Its friday you got all weekdend to finish it 29571
60237 Run because your scared 29572
60238 Cry and say your a meany 29572
60239 Run out the door because you say the dentest will molest you 29572
60240 go in knowing he will give you Laighing gas or liquid coke 29572
60243 "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" try to stop laughing 29574
60244 "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" you feel so f up 29574
60245 Any one of the choices end up end in going home 29574
60246 "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" try to stop laughing 29575
60247 "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" you feel so f up 29575
60248 Any one of the choices end up end in going home 29575
60250 Run out off the back door 29579
60251 eat the shrooms to get rid of the evidence 29579
60252 throw your stash away 29579
60253 Hide them in the crack off the seat 29580
60255 Say yes it is about the shrooms 29581
60257 stab him in the neck with a pen over and over til he dies then run 29581
60258 say i don't want to talk to you til my lawyer is here 29581
60260 Yes 29582
60262 Cry and say yes 29583
60265 sit and cry til the cops arrive 29585