Journey through the MCU

Loose Ends

There are 17 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
268284 Keep running. Turning around will slow you down. 141489
268287 Tell him you are here to kill him 141490
268288 Bow your head and say forgive me for trespassing 141490
268289 You apologize for trespassing and bow to him 141491
268290 You say you didn't know it was his land 141491
268291 You ask where you are immediately without answering his question. 141491
268297 Ask how you know you can trust her 141494
268298 Keep running away 141494
268303 Let him take you 141497
268306 Let the man scoop you up and carry you away. 141502
268318 Walk with the tribesman 141515
268329 Tell the truth 141523
268331 Walk outside the hut to see where she is 141529
268342 Stay in bed and sleep 141540
268346 Northeast of the village, toward the distant city 141542
268350 Head to the river for food and water 141544
268351 Keep climbing. Getting home fast is the goal 141544