a day as someone else

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In that same stiory he's suppossed to say i've been trapped in that book for years
by Yaya1314 on Mar 10, 2011
On 1 if my rooms i mean you were suppossed to say "umm you do kbow i used to be a boy right?"
by Yaya1314 on Mar 9, 2011
Good story, really funny. But Ghizzard's page is rather unpleasant.
by SarahMariah on Mar 2, 2011
by vancelandow on Mar 21, 2010
Kind of interesting, but a bit too much profanity for a pg rating.
by LeihsDemuriel on Jan 23, 2010
Love adding to this story.
by Ghizzard on Oct 21, 2008
by Storywriter on Jul 31, 2008
by cheluvgarf on Jul 14, 2007
I kinda like it. It would have been a 3 butt Good Ol' Razzman came to the rescue
by Leblanc4prez on Jun 19, 2007
by holyhammerhead on May 7, 2007
Great story. love this kinda thing and i like adding to it without having to wait for a review. Just one issue, how do you make it carry on forever when it's just for one day?
by razman on Mar 24, 2007
Well he doesn't seem to be worried about changing into a girl for no reason that much does he?
by Dan2 on Sep 9, 2006
Not very good...
by apotheosis on Aug 26, 2006
by fireflynik on Nov 26, 2004
Not bad. Keep it up!
by Izzers on Nov 6, 2004
by Monmay on Sep 25, 2004

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