Leave All Your Hate At The Door

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I'm still laughing at your story. The ending was good. The choices weren't bad also. I hope you make more stories like this. Cheers.
by twelveazaleas on Jun 17, 2015
It was a short cute romantic story.
by Madbrad200 on Jul 26, 2014
There's not even any branches. And the writing and grammar isn't much to talk at.
by Lackofmop on Jul 5, 2013
by YaoiBloodhound on Jan 27, 2013
This is one of the best romance stories on this website. Keep up the good work!
by magic on May 16, 2010
by Infinate on May 2, 2010
I like it!!
by michelle1994 on Feb 1, 2010
by GHMaster on Jun 2, 2008
^_^ Cute
by Roloc on Jan 11, 2007
by jadie15 on Dec 5, 2006
by testing on Aug 8, 2006
by jp33 on Apr 12, 2006
Very good romance story. You don't see too many of these.
by Dan2 on Mar 20, 2006
Probably one of the best Romance stories on the site. Well written, could use a little more detail throughout the story, but overall a good job. I think you got a lot of negatve ratings because most guys are apprehensive to romance stories.
by donteatpoop on Dec 22, 2005
Why is someone in love with a car? I mean, Subarus are okay, but I'm more of a Toyota man myself.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Jul 18, 2005
I absolutely love romance. This was really sweet!
by Thief on Mar 12, 2005
by Mydeskiscool on Jan 21, 2004
Yay! I'm so happy to see another romance story on this site! A complete on at that. Good for you!
by CJW on Jan 20, 2004

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