A Harry Potter Adventure

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this is really good!
by superjo16 on Jul 16, 2010
love this story so far... its bin a cupple years since your last comment on this story... are you still working on it? i love to read more of it
by shiningstar2009 on May 5, 2009
by Ghizzard on May 30, 2008
by Matabichos on Feb 27, 2008
Oh, WOW! I wrote this story 4 years ago! I can't believe I've even found it again! (apparantly, this site has had quite a few different URL's since I was last active!) The only bad thing about coming back 4 years later to read it is that I've been tremendously embarrassed by the number of grammatical errors I made, lol! Life is really busy right now (with Christmas and all) but maybe I'll come back and work on it a bit more after the New Year... now that I know it is still active. I hope all is well with everyone and if you ever want to get in touch with me, hit me up on MySpace! http://www.myspace.com/sunshynajc

Much love and Blessings!!! :)
by sunshynajc on Nov 28, 2007
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-2 Originality, is just using storyline from Harry Potter, fan fiction isn't very creative

-1 Harry Potter is overrated

+1 Images
by apotheosis on Jun 1, 2007
by wxp1207 on May 1, 2007
by bigblotbob on Feb 15, 2007
by Taalgius on Oct 10, 2006
good story love the pictures!
by LyaeraRaizeiki on Jul 6, 2006
The movies were inane, the books are puerile, and this writing actually makes me wish I were blind so I'd not have to endure it. Blech.
by michaelrayholt on Aug 8, 2005
It was very good, I think that you would make a very good author if you want.
by Cobra1 on Jun 26, 2005
This is phenomenol... i love this story, its so extensive and detailed and very fun. I cant wait until the 6th book comes out.
by sweetness on Jun 25, 2005
Really good, but please continue working on it!
by Dan2 on May 11, 2005
wow! I can actually picture this being a real Harry Potter book! It's awesome! Keep at it
by metabad on Jan 16, 2005
A very well thought up story with some very fun and clever choices. Please finish it as soon as you can ;).
by Ravenchild on Nov 26, 2004
This story was writen well and everything was fine. EXCEPT, I didn't like how it took the place of a future book that is already coming out and I can't get into it knowing that J.K. didn't write it. I would have liked it more if you were just a different kid at Hogwarts or something but w/e.
by Karold on Nov 4, 2004
Just maybe the very best story on the whole site. I enjoyed everything but severenz, I believe the author abused copyright laws
by jeffisthebest on Oct 30, 2004
by Ravenchild on Oct 25, 2004
by ceridwynpenn on Oct 25, 2004
by togeto on Sep 13, 2004
Cool story! You'll keep writing, right? 'Cause I choose the red door and it doesn't continue from there...
by Hermione268 on Jun 25, 2004
by Hermione268 on Jun 23, 2004
This is a great story for Harry Potter fans! I love the different versions of pictures, it was really neat. They story seemed classic Harry Potter, which was what the author was going for. I hope that the author finishes this story.
by Lucid on May 26, 2004
This is a really great story! Keep it up
by Lozza on Mar 18, 2004

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