Harry Potter Fanfic

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It's decent, I guess.. But there's almost no branches... It's too short.
by Lackofmop on Jul 5, 2013
by YaoiBloodhound on Apr 17, 2013
This story really is great, I love it!! Can I add some stuff to it please??
by HPFOREVER144 on Nov 2, 2012
by Decemberlover on Jun 12, 2011
u r awsome and i love having u over it is very fun when u r here and when ever u want to come over u can
by diegolukes on Jul 24, 2010
Hey guys! Sorry it's still not even close to being finished! Feel free to help out by adding on to the story!
by LittleRobinForever on May 29, 2010
There you go!
by Kiaie on May 29, 2010
It was good. I don't think it really deserves a 10 but I hate when people give you a 1 without any comment. So this should even you out
by KingMalice on May 28, 2010
by Turdyollo on May 24, 2010

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