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I've made a pact with myself to explain my reasoning for giving ratings, and I intend to keep that pact no matter how bad the story is (this story was absolute crap)
The grammar in this story radiates laziness, alongside the lazy storyline and the damn lazy author. I'll admit, I killed my lungs laughing at the poor quality of this story, so I can't help but think this story was just one big joke, because, that's what it is, a sorry excuse for a "story."
If you had tried a little harder, just a little, it may have turned out MUCH better.
All in all, it was worse than Applebees soup


by NoProblemsHere on Aug 17, 2018
What is this?
by Spidersheep99 on May 11, 2018
I can't stop laughing at how bad this is.
by dungeondelver on Nov 18, 2017
Absolute sh!t.

It's YOU not u.
by marnieink on Aug 20, 2017
Holy s***, this is terrible.
by Creeper909 on Jul 10, 2017
by NeoNyte on Mar 30, 2017
This isn't a story. No plot, no story, no nothing. You just slapped on a couple of stupid options and called it a story. Boring, incomplete, and downright bad. Stories should have proper grammar.
by NeoNyte on Mar 30, 2017
None of the options seem to go anywhere. It's boring.
by Crimson0Rebirth on Oct 15, 2016
Grammar was terrible. Spelling was terrible. Overall plot was terrible. The storyline was terrible. The dialogue is terrible. I would've given it a two if it had at least mentioned my name.

by TheCandyMan on May 30, 2011
Well, simple. This story was trash. Actually, it wasn't even a story. It was some sentences that had pathetic grammer. How old are you, three? Wants some tips for a good story?
1. Go to school and learn proper grammer
2.Actually think of a good plot.
3.Make the pages longer.
4.Don't end the story every time someone picks something.

Overall: It was crap.
by Leah1597 on Apr 17, 2009
Grammar and spelling was bad. It probably would've been better if you made it so you can choose if you are a guy or a girl. I was trying the story and when I figured out my crush was a guy, I was like, "Crap..."
by Cheatgnome on Mar 25, 2009
by vancelandow on Mar 12, 2009
The fact that you cannot spell you're correctly warrants this rating.
by Calen on Mar 11, 2009
The fact that you repeatedly use "u" because you are so fucking lazy you can't type out the letters Y-O-U warrants a 1 rating.
by apotheosis on Mar 9, 2009
You forgot to add a story!
by YazZMaN on Mar 8, 2009

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