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I say this again, this was sheer lunacy. Sheer, lunacy.
by Creeper909 on Jun 3, 2015
Terrible. I hated it. Bad grammar. Not well though out. I'm gonna read some of Cat200 and EndMaster and all those good people out there's stories. Also, this was all hippie, texting style, not book style.
by Creeper909 on Mar 4, 2015
This was PATHETIC. Bro, you need to use better grammar. PLUS, it is not well written and I went back to the Infinite Story homepage before I got to room 3. Terrible.
by Creeper909 on Mar 4, 2015
I think this story deserves better rating this story is quite random and not well writen,but atleast thres no lose ends which a big plius for me and theres also a few funny rooms so i think a 4 is that this story really deserves.
by Artazansss on Oct 30, 2011
I still gotta say, this a very funny and cool story. It's one of my favorites. Sorry I gave you a 2, should've given you an 8, but we all make mistakes sometime, you know. I hope you keeping making awesome and spectacular stories like this one! Happy Hunting! (I have no idea what I just said). Anyway, later peoples! :)
by magic on May 11, 2010
You need to use grammer like "are" and "you" and other points and stuff. I liked the pictures though but your grammar was so bad I had to give it a 2.
by magic on Dec 25, 2008

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