Batman: Gotham Knights

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Good writing.
by Lackofmop on Jul 19, 2013
Solid effort.
by Thickskullman on May 25, 2013
by Clark on Mar 6, 2013
Great story. I hope you write more.
by imphic on Jan 3, 2012
Some of the deaths were a little odd as the character had no way of knowing it was going to happen, but on the whole i think it was a fairly good story with a solid fan representation of several Batman villains.
by Draykid on Sep 21, 2009
As good of a superhero fan fic as I've read on this site
by urnam0 on Mar 21, 2009
by Ghizzard on May 5, 2008
I loved it I found no loose ends and it had a solid story. Only flaws are that in the sewers Killer croc is found down BOTH tunnels, bit of a plot hole there. Also I would have preferred more choices like when you fight the villains you have to choose what tactics and stuff. Also why'd you insult me for using a machine gun I was only joking on that one lol. Anyway, great game, one of the best I've so far seen on here.
by Ghizzard on May 5, 2008
Yeah, your writing's alright, but I have to ask you this:

Why would anyone write a serious story about batman? Really!
by jeffisthebest on Jun 19, 2006
Its like a day in the life of the Dark Knight.
by Novelist1982 on Apr 17, 2006
One of my favorite interactive books I read as a child was from Which Way Books called "Batman: The Doomsday Prophacy". I commend you on your story, for it was true to the spirit of the Dark Knight.
by Novelist1982 on Apr 14, 2006
Wow...this was truly a tour-de-force of the Batman comics. Wonderful!
by EnderWiggin on Sep 7, 2005
by Mysterio74 on May 21, 2005
by zobovor on Nov 25, 2004
by xxcunfoozledxx on Sep 1, 2004

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