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I gave this an average, because I'm pretty sure it was a good story. I have no idea what's going on 'cause it was not in English.
by Creeper909 on Nov 26, 2014

Early years in new schools were routine for Katarina. Since little had changed schools many times, and his shyness caused her to be alone at first, while all his colleagues made ​​new friends. Now the first day of junior high school did not seem very different, but she cared less, had become accustomed. But in the Kingston High School was impossible not to be noticed on the first day of class: it was customary that every veteran "adopt" a freshman to guide you for a month, the maze that was the school building, and teach the whole operation, rules, the teachers have preferred.
In the large auditorium all freshmen seated while waiting for the veterans came in, one by one, and went to the stage where the director was holding a box. From inside the veterans took the name of his "pupil" in a draw. Leaving the auditorium, the pair was applauded with greater or lesser degree, depending on what the friends of the veterans would find the new duo: a popular guy with a pretty girl? A student with a hot nerd? Katarina did not care, but deep down was a little anxious, not knowing who would be your new friend. I had noticed some faces when they arrived and cataloged in his mind what he had found and which are not friendly. And suddenly, one of the faces of the second group entered his name and fortune.
- Katarina Persson!
She got up and headed for the stage.
- Taylor Hanson - the guy showed up with a handshake and a smile.
Not that he had not sympathized with, but the noisy wheel of friends where she had seen at the entrance of the auditorium made ​​it clear that he was one of the guys popular, and it is generally not popular with students involved. But there was no denying that he was a fine piece of bad way, and that made ​​her blush when they left the auditorium and friends of Taylor made ​​an infernal racket, apparently congratulating the boy for "good luck" in the draw. After all, Katrina could be a little shy but no one would play out.
- So let's get to know the school. It's great, but you're safe with me, I know every corner - he gave that smile again. - Do you want to start by the library or by the courts?

(All done with Google Translate..)

Ok after reading all that, I think I'll give this a 6. I can't read all of it, but I rather enjoyed reading this on Google Translate. Nicely flowing, seemingly no spelling mistakes, perfect.
by TheCandyMan on Jul 26, 2011
by lolburst on May 24, 2008

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