Date with Tomoko

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by ScarletCrow on May 18, 2016
by imphic on Jan 3, 2012
I cant believe i just waisted a minute reading this crap.
by Artazansss on Oct 16, 2011
Wtf? Neither hot nor funny.
by Will on Sep 17, 2011
by Bladeninja76 on Apr 21, 2011
by SarahMariah on Feb 24, 2011
by Phlimm on Nov 28, 2010
by enirroc on Oct 12, 2010
You cant die no matter what there has to be a way to survive
by johnnygat on Mar 27, 2010
All throughout reading this story I was thinking WTF?!

This is garbage that is not a story!
by Adamented on Jul 24, 2008
by Loverfli on Nov 29, 2007
by superdeerman on Oct 14, 2007
Come on now. If you want higher ratings, you should try... trying. Make paragraphs and use grammar. Look up how words are spelled. Make a plot that is interesting to follow. Don't have every option with the girl you see on the road say SHE'S A VAMPIRE
by Calen on Jul 19, 2007
Absolute garbage. Thanks for wasting my time.
by scottmah on Jul 19, 2007
I lost interest in about...two pages. Sorry dude.
by SnapSunny on Jun 24, 2007
oh wow
by Xamiza on Jun 20, 2007
Needs a bit more work... good effort so far though!
by Leblanc4prez on Jun 19, 2007
Awful. This isn't story, it is stupid, inane and unacceptably brief. It is not witty, clever, funny or meaningful.
by apotheosis on Jun 19, 2007
A Date with Death should be awaiting everyone who writes this kind of crap.
by Vesnicie on Jun 19, 2007

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