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by GhostWriter on Sep 18, 2013
Your spelling is so bad i didnt understand this story at all.How old are you 5?At least make your story readible.I would give this story -10 unfortunatly i can 1 from me.
by Artazansss on Sep 25, 2011
This story is so bad it's good. If that makes any sense at all.
by TheCandyMan on Jun 9, 2011
A perfect example of what the 1 rating is for.
by MegaProto on Jun 26, 2008
Well, I can't really say anything. It's all been said. All in all: speak proper English. Oh, and I don't think you'd die from saying "ew".
by Ghizzard on May 30, 2008
by Rockstar on Oct 12, 2007
I don't know how other people could rate this a one. It's so amazingly symbolic of the average web user. It's also very minimalist - which I think is a good thing.

You should expand this into a huge story, bridging many, many options. With this minimalist writing style it would take less than a day to get on the top ten list for size.
by xnull on Jun 16, 2007

I didn't bother clicking on any of the choices provided. They were all in some kind of foreign I guessed it didn't matter if I couldn't read it.
by SnapSunny on Jun 13, 2007
*to donteatpoop* That was pretty damn funny.

Anyway...That was quite pathetic. Seriously where did you learn to spell? I was actually looking at all of the stories with the total rates ascending and checking out ones that have loads of people rating them badly. I did it for a laugh. This just wasn't funny, it was sad, stupid, depressing and disturbing. Go back to school, think about what you've done, correct your work....and then hang yourself.
by razman on Jun 5, 2007
Wow. Even my stories (Ask leblanc4prez) are better. This is unreadable and ruins all. (Including porn.)
by shadowzxv on Jun 1, 2007
by Leblanc4prez on May 13, 2007
This does not deserve a comment.

Fuck. I just screwed that up, didn't I?
by donteatpoop on May 9, 2007
This is the kind of story that should be written on toilet paper so I can wipe my ass with it. My BM's have more finesse than this utter P.O.S.
by Vesnicie on May 6, 2007
I haven't seen one this awful in a while.
by apotheosis on May 5, 2007 is a place where people like to go to read stories... not shouted almost indecipherable gibberish.
by Calen on May 4, 2007
by Cheezah on May 4, 2007

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