Summer Fling

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by Lackofmop on Mar 18, 2014
Once again the comments have been funny enough for me to bump up the rating one point.
by EndMaster on Oct 9, 2011
TheCandyMan: Woops. Let me rephrase that: So...I basically had oven baked bread topped with tomatoes and pepperoni.
by TheCandyMan on May 20, 2011
I'm giving you a 3 generously. This has no plot, not detail, no information of any of the characters, not even any of their facial features, their characteristics or anything like it. This is supposed to be a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' site, you give choices but you can only pick 1.. -.-'

Plus as Yazzman said, you're given the choice to pick on your pizza, cheese. Or pepperoni.




Are you serious, child?

So...I basically had oven baked bread topped with cheese and pepperoni.


Now that's exceptionally unique, I guess that's why I'm giving you a 3.

The ending is giving Andrew a blowjob?!
by TheCandyMan on May 20, 2011
by Kittycoolcat on Aug 15, 2010
by ladymandm on Jun 16, 2010
by Infinate on Apr 30, 2010
wow, your a stupid slut
by yeaimthatdude on Oct 13, 2009
by neirad555 on Mar 11, 2009
Fisrt of all, why the hell would you have to choose between having pepperoni or cheese on a pizza? I mean, I searched and searched for an option where I could get both, but there was only "Pepperoni" or "Cheese".




Am I mispelling pepperoni? Hopefully not.

Anyways, it was ridiculous.

Aside from the whole pizza catastrophe, the story needs more detail and dialogue. Funny ending, though.
by YazZMaN on Mar 9, 2009
by RainbowZombie on Aug 12, 2008
Very poor writing and rather uninteresting.
by Lamneth on Mar 2, 2008
by travis123 on Nov 16, 2007
I think this story is suposed to be sexy and it just isn't sorry.
by clarebear on Oct 25, 2007
by Rockstar on Jun 22, 2007
OK, this is readable- plus the chick gets eatten out which is a good thing to have in any story. If you keep going and extend the scenes a bit more before offering the choices it would be a bit better. Also, most people don't really care to make choices about the characters food. If you are ready to end a room just use "continue..." or "next page" or something. It doesn't all have to end with a choice. Anyway, I'd read something else written by you. :) And I know a boob tube is usually a strapless shirt.
by KatieWroteIt on Mar 24, 2007
I was going to give this story a one, but on [url][/url], I say that a woman can wear a boob tube. I idea of wearing a TV is incredible. (I realize you are probably English or Australian or something, were boob tube means something legit)
by xnull on Mar 21, 2007
by TyCamden on Mar 17, 2007
It is boring, plain and simple. Nothing is happening in this story.
by apotheosis on Mar 17, 2007
There is only one main path to take on the story, so it's not even an infinite-story until you work harder on it... also you need much more detail, it's much too short and unsatisfying.
by Calen on Mar 10, 2007

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