A day in the life of Austin

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This was an eye-opening and life changing story. Favourite story I have EVER read.

Sike, me and my friends loved laughing at your shitty grammar. :)
by marnieink on Aug 20, 2017
Magic..Seriously? You can't tell people that their stories suck, besides, I enjoyed this crap a lot more than Magic's. This may not actually possess a coherent, or even original plotline, yet, I didn't hate it. It was readable, even though it's pretty much a an immature piece of cheese that has recently been shoved up Magic's rectum.


Not nice.

So. Just to even this out. I'm giving you a 3.
by TheCandyMan on Jun 27, 2011
You shzould not say STFU Bitch on a rated G story, you should be ashamed of yourself, it really sucks, and you just want to poison the minds of children.
by magic on Oct 11, 2008
by Leblanc4prez on Apr 1, 2007
The tone is so casual that it is grating, and aside from a few slightly comical pieces the story is without merit.
by apotheosis on Mar 17, 2007

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