A day in the life of kaleb.

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Do you really feel it's necessary to put that racist option in there? About the "niggers"? That's really messed up. Honestly, why do you people feel that they are so bad just because God gave them brown skin? Nothing I say will probably change your mind about how screwed up you are, but really think about it. Why do you hate them because they were born with brown skin? If you were born with brown skin, would you hate yourself then? Go on and lie to yourself and say "yeah", but that's bs. And tbh, your story seems like it has no point. No actual reason for someone to read it. But I stopped reading after seeing the racist option. Goodbye you devil worshipper.
by winkib67 on Mar 29, 2015
Pretty good for dumb fun.
by Clark on Apr 5, 2013
by Loverfli on Nov 29, 2007
There really wasn't much of a point to this story and it wasn't at all enjoyable.
by apotheosis on Jun 5, 2007

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