Criminal Minds

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Really long.... Noting happened
by Neverever on Jul 15, 2019
It's a good story, but I'm stuck at:

You sit down at your desk. You have a little red boxing ball suspended on a spring next to the computer monitor, for those hectic days at the office. ??

It doesn't go anywhere from there..? :L
by TheCandyMan on Apr 16, 2011
by Crimmy on Aug 11, 2009
Me: hmm, this story's not that bad, I'll probably give it a 5 -- wait, what's this.... SiriusBlack gives a 10 without a comment... that's fishy. Let's check it out. Aha! SiriusBlack has not contributed to any stories, nor has he given any ratings other than to this one, Criminal Minds. I smell a fraud. I give you a zero. Wait, 1 is the lowest I can give. Okay, fine.
by BringerOfTales on Apr 14, 2008
I'll give you an 8 for a first-timer. My suggestion is to work on the frame of the story, as apoth said, as well as the fact that I found choosing one case only lets you look the case up online, not do anything about it. There is no way to resolve the case. I'd say delete some rooms and change the options. Otherwise, good work for someone new here.
by Calen on Mar 6, 2007
I'll give you credit. Of all the new stories from new members that suddenly flooded this site, you proably wrote the best one.

Still though, your story could have used a LOT more description and details. As it stands, it almost looks like you have the frame work of a plot, you just need to develope it more. Don't be afraid to use more than a paragraph per page/room.

Welcome to the site.
by donteatpoop on Mar 4, 2007
This story has potential but you need a lot more detail in your writing.
by apotheosis on Mar 4, 2007
by siriusblack9999 on Mar 4, 2007

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