Adventures of facepunch.

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Predetorking? if it's anything like this story, I don't wanna!
by Leblanc4prez on Jun 5, 2007
Don't eat poop, why don't you just have a fucking look at FacePunch forums.
by PredatorKing on Apr 20, 2007
What the fuck is a facepunch? Is that just someone who goes around punching people in the face? Or a person who is constantly punched in the face? Is this some new slang that I haven't come to understand? Or are you all a bunch of morons who were trying to be clever.

I bet that's it. You're trying to be clever. Sometimes, why you fail at something you are trying at but utterly failing at, you should just stop trying.

And stop breathing while you're at it.
by donteatpoop on Mar 4, 2007
Self sreving CRAP!
by LingLing on Mar 4, 2007
by Monkeyfun on Mar 4, 2007
Why has the sight suddenly been bombarded with crap. Haven't any of you ever read a real book to understand what writing is about?
by apotheosis on Mar 4, 2007
by SilverHammer on Mar 3, 2007
What the fuck, no.
by Tokit on Mar 3, 2007

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