Bob's Life

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Very nice, fineluke. Wish you had finished this one.
by Thickskullman on May 15, 2013
by Clark on Mar 6, 2013
I really enjoyed, it, it's well set and not one of those too-detailed stories, or misunderstood, it's clear, clever and deserves high ratings. :) 8/10
by TheCandyMan on Apr 16, 2011
by ectoBiologist on Apr 15, 2011
It was pretty funny
by KingMalice on Jun 1, 2010
When does that happen to babies?! I still love it. Great job, findluke.
by magic on Jul 25, 2009
I was laughing like heck at this story!! It's hilarious!!!
by coolguy on May 10, 2009
i can't get to the end!!! help!
by Leah1597 on Sep 25, 2008
i can't get to the end!!!
by Leah1597 on Sep 25, 2008
Wow, Bob has quite the life doesn't he.
by Dan2 on Nov 14, 2007
OMG MF oh wait... i hate leet.. sorry!
by Leblanc4prez on May 27, 2007
Awesome story, the beginning sequences are kept short with more choices. I like that.
by gojo345 on Jan 9, 2007
I really like what you have going here. I don't mind that there isn't much description, I can see that it is your style but I like the way the story flows. It moves at a quick pace and is very easy to follow, good if you do not want to do much thinking. But, if you really want to use this style throughout you need A LOT of rooms to compensate. This is why I cannot give it higher than a seven. Make some major additions and I will reconsider.
by apotheosis on Jan 7, 2007
The concept you have hear is a good one. Starting out young and growing older through the eyes of Bob. However, the descriptions you give are rather short and limited. I recommend editing in some adjectives and additional bits of description. Also, by five choices deep the reader shouldn't still be making decisions that take place in the delivery room. At that pace the reader will quickly lose interest. Not only that but you'll be working on writing this thing forever.
by donteatpoop on Jan 6, 2007

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