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Jan 14, 2007
I know this is a cop-out but I have to say DEP summed it up pretty well.
by apotheosis on Jan 14, 2007
Jan 11, 2007
The writing is incredible, well thought out and described beautifully. You have a great deal of talent. Thank you for writing this story.

I was so close to giving you a ten, but I had to restrain myself. Why? Some of the "endings" aren't really endings. I mean, they end, but without any closure. For instance, after parachuting to the ground and running to the bushes and into the woods, I locate a team and join them as they head towards marker C.

... The End.

I know, I know, "the ending is left open to the imagination of the reader, thus provoking more thought", or whatever artsy-fartsy excuse you offer. I would take the same defense. BUUUUUUUT, in a story about the war and specifically about this battle, the story can't just be "You parachute, you land, you find a team." I think this would be an excellent opportunity for you to expand a little by writing a bit more about "YOU" and the team you found, develope some characters and what-not.

Anyway, I gave it a 9 because it was an excellent read. Nice job. Hope you stick around and produce more great stuf.
by donteatpoop on Jan 11, 2007

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