A Date With Hiei

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by mrocha1994 on Aug 12, 2010
by Crimmy on Aug 11, 2009
Are you guys retarded?!

There's no way this story deserved a four, and anything less than a three is just... ridiculous. I can't pretend I cared for the actual plot, either, but this person can write! Isn't that the important thing? Writing a story that lives and breathes?

Anyway, Chuckismyhero, if you ever read this you did a great job with this story -- the amount of detail and dialogue might be slightly less than it needs to be, but not much. I'd say increase the room length and keep writing. In no time, you'll be on your way to a 9 or a 10.
by YazZMaN on Mar 9, 2009
this stunk
by Leah1597 on Jan 14, 2009
by kirara on Aug 8, 2008
End Master, it's Yu Yu Hakusho, not Inuyasha.
by Calen on Apr 9, 2008
Let's be realistic here. You have a fairly decent style, and all of your rooms are of an adequate length...even your grammar seems to be okay.

So why this? Surely there's something else you could have written about that would've been better than this trash...

And why Hiei? He's an ass! Of all the male characters on the show, why him? It boggles the mind. If it were me, I'd even pick Kuwabara over Hiei. That's how much I hate that guy. Err...demon. Whatever.

The content is there, and though it's not at all what I'd normally rate high...I can't deny the skills that you've wasted on this story. I grudgingly rate it with a four.
by Usoki on Jan 8, 2007
This was really stupid. At least it was coherent though. Stupid... but coherent. I would give it a three but I really didn't like it at all... therefore it shall get a 2.
by apotheosis on Jan 4, 2007
Inuyasha? You fail.
by EndMaster on Jan 3, 2007

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