College: The Birthday!

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The story was ok and the grammar was good but there wasnt much to it. Maybe more choises so you can go around the collage more and picture how it looks? Plus try and add something to the scenery path.
by Broacastshrimp on Jan 23, 2017
by TyCamden on Feb 17, 2007
WHY DOES EVERY OTHER FREAKING STORY ON THIS SITE HAVE TO START OUT WITH AN ALARM CLOCK GOING OFF WAKING YOU UP? IT MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT. Sorry for that outburst, but unfortunately you have to be the one that made me reach boiling point. Come up with an original beginning.
by apotheosis on Jan 4, 2007
A good story, but I don't see why it's humor.

Nothing really happens either...
by jeffisthebest on Dec 21, 2006

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