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If you want to form a successful collaborative story effort you need to start out with a strong base. Simply adding a ton of nonsense rooms and then telling the readers to make the story good is not a very effective strategy. I suggest you work on a story yourself and once you think you have a very substantial plot to start it off then letting it go. I know stories like AMM and Knock at the Door were able to pull this off but this late in the sites development I found you should give a big chunk in the beginning. Once you have something to attract people then you can watch the story grow.
by apotheosis on Oct 13, 2006
How did you possibly give this an 8??? Am I missing something?
by jeffisthebest on Oct 10, 2006
Good, Reminds me of the "Put your self in the story" story
by Leblanc4prez on Oct 9, 2006

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