A Very Special Infinite Story

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by Cricket on Aug 27, 2019
by ld5914 on Mar 18, 2019
Not offensive enough but funny as hell 6/10
by AnnaPalms on Dec 19, 2017
SO funny! I don't agree that it should have one good ending, because not every story ends well. I loved it's hilarity and lessons, although I'm a little confused as to your purpose; to actually teach a lesson, to write a funny story, or something else?
by Sapphire13 on Feb 9, 2017
by SteveFreeling on Jan 20, 2016
You are one thoroughly fucked up individual.
by Malkalack on Dec 8, 2014
Some gramacle errors but It is funny in most areas. It is rather offesive but in a funny way!
by Madbrad200 on May 19, 2014
Haha, well said, shouldn't be kept for granted.

And now I know.
by TheCandyMan on May 22, 2011
by MikaelL on Jun 30, 2008
Again, this is late because I've only just read this, but...

Hey dipshit, I put up a fucking WARNING on the fist damn page!

With Death Song you had a slightly more valid excuse for whining, but with this one you went ahead and ignored the fucking warning and bitched about something you knew was going to offend you.

Again, you're either a masochist or a fucking moron.

Whether I'm an " evil sadist" or not really isn't the issue here, since I gave fair warning beforehand. You got nobody but yourself to blame for this one fucktard.
by EndMaster on Apr 4, 2008
WTF, I thought I was a negative, pessimistic person, but you seem to be it because you like it!!! How could you write something liek this?! WTF is wrong with you?! What is wrong with the world?! This is just sick and wrong and evil. I'm not some puritane christian twat, I don't dissaprove of the individual events and endings you write about, what I despise is that you're just being destructive, you're not presenting any good sides, you seem to just be making fun of people that get problems and have unhappy lifes. That makes you the saddes kind of person. Are you a fucking psycopath? Don't words like empathy and compassion ring a bell?

Ok, I might be ufair and overreacting, I only quickly run through the female storyline and I just finished your Death Song story and wrote a comment about that. But I must say, BAD impression. I have been feeling bad all day and I decided to read your stories hoping I'd feel better but I ended up feeling worse.

And even with Death Song it's not like I didn't enjoy the story, I did, that's why I read the whole of it and rated it 9 when I was in the middle of it. But you've fucked up, you've given your readers a total anticlimax. Your'e a sadist with your audience.

Fuck you again you stupid jerk!!!
by drevenhaug on Jan 10, 2008
And now I know!

This should be required reading for all High Schoolers.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Jan 10, 2008
Pretty good but I've seen better
by OwnU on Dec 30, 2007
Bahahahaha any way to win?
by superdeerman on Oct 13, 2007
And knowing is half the battle!
by Leblanc4prez on Sep 28, 2007
You definitely have a warped and twisted sense of humor . . . as do I. Thanks for the story. I laughed my ass off.
by scottmah on Aug 10, 2007
Extremely funny, and extremely moral-y.
And stuff.

by EvilZombi on Mar 16, 2007
Oh my! This story makes me think back on my teen years as a golden era of peace and tranquility. So thanks, End, for helping us all heal our old (or not so old) wounds through your, um, SHOCK THERAPY.
by Vesnicie on Jan 18, 2007
This is a nice, story (honestly).

But I agree with someone that mentioned this before... there should be at least ONE good ending!
by michaelrayholt on Jan 12, 2007
Words cannot describe how awesome this is. My favorite path is the school shooting one. Utterly hilarious. Brilliant, wonderful, 10/10 easy.
by apotheosis on Jan 4, 2007

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