a normal thursday

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Oh. It was a horror/thriller. I thought it was the last re-run of Elmo's Halloween Special (or whatever it is.) Dear God, please stop this nonsense. It's going to be the Death of me...
by Creeper909 on Jul 10, 2017
A compelling story, it had me on the end of my seat, I enjoyed it thoroughly, you should do more. (cough! Cough!)

No seriously. Don't ever do a story again until you've grown up.
by TheCandyMan on May 8, 2011
I curse you random story button
by KingMalice on May 12, 2010
by Infinate on Apr 29, 2010
That was the worst thriller or horror I've EVER read.
by zaxoman on Apr 12, 2008
it was shit
by drakes3 on Jun 6, 2007
ooooowwwwwww....You guys are harsh, but you are very right too. This story is crap. Plain and simple. I'm not going to go into detail, because there are so many things wrong. I'd say work on it, but the storyline is awful and it would be best to just delete it and start over. Unlucky.
by razman on May 27, 2007
Too bad they don't have a 0 rating. :/ Listen, look at the above reviews. Cruel as they may sound, they are right. ._.
by Calen on May 3, 2007
Le deux pour toi.
by jeffisthebest on Sep 24, 2006
Where do I begin? Well... Let's start with some things I picked up in 1st grade. Sentences start with capital letters. In the 2nd grade I learned that numbers containing less than three digits are supposed to be spelled (like the number five). Then we'll move on to a more advanced 4th grade level where I would like to note that a sentence is a COMPLETE thought. "not likely" is not a complete thought, it is a fragment of a thought. Now I don't remember which grade tought me about adjectives, but look them up and use them because they are vital to any story.

I won't even go into plotlines and character development. Just keep in mind that if you are writing a story, not a note to your friends.
by donteatpoop on Sep 23, 2006
Personally, I had hoped that no one would rate this story. That way, it's rating would stay at the appropriate level- zero.

This is the worst collection of random words I have ever seen. You might want to retake elementary school, by the way. You seem to have missed important concepts such as capital letters, periods, and how to use these items to compose a sentence.

There is no detail to your story. Something happens, and you either look closer, or go home. Nothing else happens in this story, with the rare exception of a few death rooms.

The worst part about this story is that you managed to write twenty rooms of this crap. Now everyone can see how well you can slaughter the English language. I died a little inside just by reading this. I'm going to fail my Calculus test because half of my brain cells commited seppuku.

In your own words- "not worth it The End"
by Usoki on Sep 22, 2006

I hope this thing's on, cause this story sucked. That's it. And that's all I got to say about that, cause Stone Cold said so.
by westernjesta on Sep 21, 2006

how old are you??
by Dan2 on Sep 21, 2006
I'm not going to bother giving constructive criticism. This is bad, plain and simple.
by apotheosis on Sep 20, 2006

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