Ground Zero

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by mizal on Jul 26, 2017
Great story, options and length. Thanks!
by Riku918 on Aug 13, 2014
This is really good. Found all four of the "100 years later" endings, and each is satisfying in its own way.
by Thickskullman on Sep 1, 2013
by bartman608 on Sep 8, 2011
i have to say this was better than anything i have ever read even though some of the names were used from fallout i love it and feel this is the best story ive read in a long time thank you for making this story and making my day a little less unbarable

oh and i want to say this is a 5 star story
by bartman608 on Sep 8, 2011
Absolutely amazing. Riveting story, absolutely *no* loose plot ends and extremely well-developed multiple endings make this Mass Effect tribute a pleasure to read. 10/10, hands down.
by Silverwood on Mar 18, 2011
this is the fuckin best story in the WORLD!!!!!!!!
by theone123 on Nov 11, 2010
Very well written
by Celvis on Aug 18, 2010
by silentninja on May 3, 2010
Nice world you've created here. Different paths can be completely different experiences and usually utilize the major elements of the overarching world quite nicely.
by DeDiBit on Mar 18, 2010
by infernalbovine on Mar 4, 2010
Dammit i was eaten by fucking cannibals!
by infernalbovine on Mar 4, 2010
Man, here i am (AGAIN) giving you a 10 for your excellent story (AGAIN!!!). You probably are the best writer in this site. I can even dare to say you could have your stories published and they would be very successful. Congratulations (AGAIN)!
by bsal on Feb 2, 2010
There is little doubt in my mind this is the best story i have read, and ever will read on this site (sorry apoth).Everything is planned out damn near perfectly, and the only flaw is a missing epilogue. Not much to complain about when normally you don't even get an epilogue.
by AStreamOfStars on Jan 19, 2010
Simply amazing. Personally, it is my favorite story here. Although there are some typing mistakes each page. I am sure that is only because you were typing it quickly though.
by vancelandow on Oct 7, 2009
Awesome job, one of my personal favorites.
by supersam499 on Mar 14, 2009
by mechano1 on Jan 12, 2009
Terrific story, End! (Then again, almost all of your stories are great, which fills me with pain, which causes me to cut my wrists at night.) The pictures are a big plus, the possibilities are sorta kinda believable are pretty cool, and the Fallouty feel is also a big plus. Basically, 10/10!
by Jargner on Nov 14, 2008
by Amalek88 on Oct 21, 2008
Excellent story.

Major problem is that the Individual Shelter game is waaay undeveloped and utterly unlinked to the rest of the world. When you leave the shelter, the game ends; you don't even get to arrive with RockerChick. You and RockerChick never have anything to do with the Combine either.

May be the point but it's still "meh."
by Ramidel on Oct 20, 2008
A very good story, first story I ever read on this site, totally complete and gave realistic endings, I really felt like depending on what I did something that felt real was going to happen.
Great job
by Deathknight13 on Jul 8, 2008
I always love a good End of the World story. Fantastic job!
by gameshark1313 on Jun 11, 2008
by Riven on Mar 9, 2008
by max on Feb 16, 2008
by Eichel on Dec 14, 2007
Lovin the fallout and I am legend-ish themes. an amazing piece of realistic writing. What theF*#%! is up with CaseyJones though?
by shadowzxv on Dec 14, 2007
by vegabond213 on Oct 30, 2007
This story was epic. It is all a choose your own adventure story should be, and more. I'm gonna stop right here cuz if I went on and on I wouldn't get any sleep for a few days. I would pay for a book version of this story.
by urnam0 on Oct 3, 2007
The story kept me hooked all the way through until the end. You have some serious writing talent.
by Ryldix on Sep 20, 2007
This is my second favorite story of yours (though it's certainly up to par to Necromancer). Asides from a few minor grammatical and spelling mistakes, I see nothing wrong with your story.

Bravo on another great work. :)
by BurntFlower on Jun 29, 2007
I stumbled onto this site a year ago. This is my Favorite story. Thanks for writing it!!
by Qflingspoo on Apr 7, 2007
by spartan008 on Mar 20, 2007
This kicks... so much ass...
Some of the pictures take away from the dramatic feel of the story, I suggest changing them or removing them.
by metalcrisis on Feb 26, 2007
Since everyone seems to either love or hate this story, and I love it i figured it needs a 10.
by KatieWroteIt on Jan 7, 2007
by jeffisthebest on Jan 4, 2007
by Sostenuto on Jan 4, 2007
Feeling froggy? So am I, then.
by michaelrayholt on Jan 3, 2007
You're slipping, End. That's three 10's for you in two days. You really should have deleted these by now. Mwahahaha.
by donteatpoop on Jan 3, 2007
It is most certainly among the greatest. Definitely deserves a 10, and End, don't delete the ratings this time!
by apotheosis on Jan 3, 2007
Simply put the greatest thing on this site.
by DarkMagnus on Jan 2, 2007

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