Draco Cronnoc II

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Havent finished it yet but its a 10 so far! Spotted one/two misspells buts thats nothing. Very advanced from your last one more detailed and just amazing!
by Broacastshrimp on Jan 23, 2017
I would have given this a 10 if it was more proofread and more of a whodunit like Draco I where I would get to guess what really happened, but as is it was one of the best stories on this site, bravo!
by urnam0 on Mar 21, 2009
I am impressed, Jeff. You have come a long way. You really excelled at the whole crime solving feel to the story, it was quite invigorating. I was put off initially by the dialogue between the soldiers, it seemed very forced and unnatural. And you had more spelling errors than one of MY stories, but once we got into the mind of Draco, the read was excellent. A job well done.
by donteatpoop on Jun 28, 2006
C'mon... y'know you want to give it a 10.
by jeffisthebest on Jun 22, 2006

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